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Providing peace, privacy, and comfort through proven methods.

At Soundproof San Diego, we value tranquility and we believe it is attainable.

With fourteen years of experience and a proven record in sound isolation, you can trust that we have the right solution for your needs.

No matter what the scale, comfort and confidence in sound management can be achieved with the right treatment expertly applied.



Common Walls Between Neighbors

Floor/Ceiling Soundproofing

Door, Window, and HVAC Treatment

Licensed and insured for construction

Acoustic Treatment

Echo/Reverb Mitigation

Spacial Acoustics Design

Sound Absorption Panels

Fabric Walls & Ceilings

Sound Testing

Legal sound level limit testing

“Before and After” testing for your project

ASTM E90 Standard Testing

Reverberation Time Testing (RT-20, RT-30, RT-60)