House/Private Residence - For Homeowners

Comfort and privacy are the two main things most homeowners looks for in a house. Increase the comfort in your home by isolating unique spaces not only physically (with doors and walls) but acoustically as well. Enjoy a nice, quiet, and peaceful environment that is undisturbed by voicing and external factors such as loud television, people playing with unfamiliar instruments, or animal noise. In order to obtain this level of comfort please contact Soundproof San Diego today. Let us discuss with you the many options for making your home sound (or not sound) the way you always imagined it.


A small list of ways Soundproof San Diego can help your home theater setup:

  • Ceiling (lid) and flooring treatment to reduce transmission through partitions.

  • In-wall or in-ceiling speaker and can light soundproofing.

  • Acoustic treatment with acoustic panels and/or absorptive fabric wall systems.

  • Consult us when designing your next home theater.

Airplane & Street Noise


It’s easy to tell whether or not you live near an airport. The signature sound of a plane passing overhead at high decibel levels is sure to capture your attention. When airplane noise and other street noise pollution enters your home it can disrupt many activities that require peace and quiet.

Sometimes the soundproofing of doors and windows of problematic areas is enough to reduce these noises to an acceptable level. If not, removal and rebuild of some existing wall and ceiling finish layers may be required. In these cases, expense generally increases as complexity does. Wall, floor, and ceiling construction is not always necessary and can be treated as a “last resort” after treating windows, doors, and any other penetrations through the surface. If you would like more information on this topic please contact Soundproof San Diego.

Condominium, Duplex, Apartment, and OTHER Multi-Unit


Do you have noisy neighbors? Does it sound like they are moving furniture at 1 am? Well they might be and we can protect you from it! Soundproof San Diego specialized in sound abatement between walls or floors and ceilings of all types of attached housing. Often times you only have access to working on one side. Not a problem, there are many treatment options for soundproofing a wall of ceiling from only one side (your side). In rare cases, on-site sound tests can be performed to discover problematic frequencies and frequency ranges. Get the rest and peace you deserve and contact Soundproof San Diego for details on how to get started.