Whether it’s problems hearing neighbors through walls (soundproofing) or waiters having trouble hearing patron orders, Soundproof San Diego has you covered. As a restaurant starts to get busier the sound pressures levels in the space build up as well which causes people to talk louder, furthering the problem. Acoustic treatment of spaces removes this building-up of sound effect as it is happening, meaning people don’t have to talk as loud to hear each other. It’s simple! Treatment types come in a variety of shapes and sizes, custom artwork options are even available. Give Soundproof San Diego a call today.


Don’t be the fitness center where no one can hear what the instructor is saying! Improper or amateur setup of equipment is a common cause of microphone clarity problems. Let an experienced team of professionals take the stress out of the equation and setup the equipment for you, all as a part of our complete process! Soundproof San Diego also offers unparalleled acoustic treatment services that can help improve intelligibility of the instructor even more as well as remove unwanted speaker build-up that can cause muddy sounding music. Contact today!