Partition SOundproofing (Wall and Ceiling)

Soundproof San Diego specializes in soundproofing first and fore-most. With over a decade of experience in construction and studio engineering, Soundproof San Diego is the ideal contractor for your next project. Whether the job is big or small, you can expect fast, friendly, clean, professional, and reliable service from all of our well-trained installers. Soundproof San Diego is licensed and insured to perform construction services in the State of California. Get the sound sleep you deserve and call Soundproof San Diego today!


Door Soundproofing

The most common weak point in a wall is usually a door if present. Doors are a perfect place for sound to escape or get it. The door itself is usually “weaker” than the wall in terms of weight per square foot and also has a small gap around the perimeter between the door and opening when closed.

A good rule of thumb is if you can see light coming through the reveals of the door then sound is also penetrating through the same gap. Installing door seals is one of the many specialty services offered by Soundproof San Diego and can drastically improve the soundproofing of a room.

If your door currently has seals, they may need to be inspected. Even a small mistake in installation can ruin the potential performance. Often times seals are installed to the door frame but nothing is installed to the bottom of the door itself, this forgotten gap nulls the effects of the other door seals. A seal system must be complete to work properly. Call Soundproof San Diego today and have your door sealed from distracting and unfavorable external noise.


Window Soundproofing


Are you experiencing unnecessary amounts of noise from your environment? Windows tend to degrade over the years, due in part by their seals failing, this leads to more and more sound making it’s way inside.

Soundproof San Diego can design and recommend a window solution to fit your needs and budget as well as perform the installation. Don’t let problematic windows be a burden on your life. Call Soundproof San Diego today to restore the peace and quiet in your home.