Recording Studios

From home studios to commercial recording facilities, Soundproof San Diego has seen it all and offers many services to help ensure that your next project is the absolute best for the budget. Improper setup can lead to costly problems down the road, do it right the first time with the help of Soundproof San Diego!

  • wall/ceiling soundproofing
  • acoustic treatment
  • vocal booth isolation
  • studio design
  • door seals
  • custom patch bays
  • equipment recommendations
  • sound testing


Rehearsal Spaces

  • Treat acoustics to reduce ear fatigue and increase clarity

  • Recommend assemblies to meet target STC or OITC ratings

  • Prevent neighbor complaints

  • Create a quality quiet space to nurture creative flow


Green Rooms & A/V Production

  • Custom built cycloramas (multi-wall green screen)

  • Room acoustics for optimal audio quality

  • Light source pipe & track systems

  • Sound Insulation