Reverb (ECHO) Control of Large Spaces

Be sure to hold the attention of your large audience by making sure they can hear clearly. Speech intelligibility for those farther from the speaker and more clarity for those up front can be obtained by the use of sound absorption and diffusion products.

With various acoustic treatment styles to choose from and the help of Soundproof San Diego, you too can have a beautiful and functional arrangement to compliment place of worship.

Not to mention, proper acoustic tuning of the space will bring out a more rich and defined tone in the natural reverberation (echoes). For a more theater-like setting, a higher amount of coverage can be used to reduce perception of reverb almost completely.


Sound Isolation of Shared MEETING Spaces


Do you find that too much sound is transmitted between your smaller meeting spaces and large main hall? With the help of soundproofing, you can isolate your secondary spaces for a more focused and productive meeting, sometimes without even modifying ceilings and walls.

Don’t want your small meetings to disturb others in large events in the main area? Don’t want private details to escape intimate meetings among supporters? Please consider contacting Soundproof San Diego today for all your soundproofing and acoustics needs! If you are still in the design phase please check out our consultation services.